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Grand Openings and Open Houses
How is your company going to cut through the clutter to get your busy customers to attend an upcoming grand opening or open house? Rent The Money Machine and watch the excitement build. Whether you are incorporating a radio remote from your location to invite the general public, or concentrating on inviting your current client base, The Money Machine draws people in to take advantage of the opportunities you provide. The benefits of using The Money Machine at your upcoming grand opening or open house include:
Creating public awareness and building your company’s identity within the community.
Encouraging customer loyalty by offering the opportunity to win money and/or great prizes.

Trade Show Stoppers
Let the fun begin as the money flies at your next trade show booth. The Money Machine is sure to create a line of eager attendees waiting for their turn at grabbing their share of the money. Attract the attention of potential customers who want a little excitement.
The Money Machine:
Grabs the attention of attendees fast!
Builds excitement at your booth

Traffic Builders
Drive instant customer traffic into your business with the chance to participate in The Money Machine. Hold the attention of your attendee for a moment to deliver your sales message. Offer the opportunity to win a great prize by grabbing the winning coupon, or reward eager customers with the chance to grab as much money they can. The promotions are endless and the results will benefit your company and your customers. Incorporate The Money Machine into your next traffic building event and:
Drive people into your business
Attract current and prospective customers

Special Events
Generate excitement for special promotions and events by using The Money Machine. Imagine all of the possibilities for special customer incentives and promotional opportunities when you create an exciting atmosphere. Be sure to use the marketing support ideas to really get your message out to your target market. Your special event will be made even more special when you incorporate a chance to win big in The Money Machine.
You will also:
Generate a thrilling atmosphere
Excite the crowd

So many groups are turning to fundraisers to generate dollars for their bottom lines or for special causes. Are your donors tired of buying trinkets that they rarely use, or candy that they don’t need? If you are in charge of a fundraiser, spice things up and bring in The Money Machine. Get your participants excited and enthused about your cause… when they are excited, your organization benefits from their enthusiasm. Incorporate The Money Machine into your fundraiser, whether it’s for your school, community group, church, or other organization.
Turn a mediocre fundraiser into a FUNdraiser.
Increase the desire to give more as participants win more.

Employee Promotions
Entice employees to be more productive with incentives from The Money Machine. Fill the machine with money, rewards, incentives and/or time off coupons… the choice is yours. Create excitement in your workplace and reward excellence. While The Money Machine is at your company, invite employees and their families to a special company party. Invite kids and adults alike to take a chance at winning in The Money Machine.
Watch workplace morale increase as well as productivity and sales.
Motivate employees to increase performance/sales
Develop a healthy morale and work environment

Any industry can benefit from renting The Money Machine, including:

Financial institutions
Cell phone companies
Auto dealerships
Malls and retail stores
Grocery stores
Bridal shops
Night clubs

Trade Shows
Radio Station Remotes
Sporting events
Companies Promoting Birthday
Anniversary Celebrations

Add your industry to the list and rent The Money Machine for
your next promotion!

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